Here we are at yet another crossroad in this fight against Covid19.

I have to ask, however, does anyone really know what they are doing?

And do they expect this virus to suddenly vanish?

Let’s be realistic and accept that we are likely to be dealing with this, just as we deal with other medical issues like flu, for many years to come. We just need a vaccine to keep it under control, but until then, the danger is that the “cure” will turn out to be worse than the disease.

Yet again the scare-mongerers are panicking the population, and whilst I understand the concern, surely life has to go on.

We’ve all suffered over seven months of restrictions and unless we overcome the fear factor, there will be many more months of misery and uncertainty.

One thing is certain….when we all decide enough is enough, we shall be returning to places that will have changed forever.

The lack of trade is killing off businesses at an alarming rate, and do we want to come back to half-empty shopping centres and high streets?

Once these shops and businesses have gone due to a lack of customers, they will not return.

It’s a worrying prospect.

So we really need to do our bit (we are certainly trying) and be positive enough to venture out and support our traditional outlets.

We, at LECKENBY’S TEAROOM, are doing our bit to help everyone feel a little happier by continuing to open and provide our usual warm welcome and enjoyable atmosphere, as well, of course, as our top quality food and drink.

So come on in, cheer yourself up, and as we look to the dark days ahead through the winter months, have on us, a little