Well…..we were expecting it, were we not?
Yes, it’s frustrating that the final exit from these horrible lock-downs has been delayed, but if I’m totally honest, if another four weeks allows so many more people to be vaccinated, leaving a much lesser chance of the virus continuing to spread, then I guess we need to accept it.
Let’s be honest, we have come out of the dark days pretty well so far.
With the exception of much of the night trade (clubs, restaurants, etc), we are pretty close to a return to what we used to term “normal”.
Here at LECKENBY’S TEAROOM, everything is operating very well. So much so, that we feel we are almost back to where we were before the lock-downs began.
It’s given us the opportunity to give the place a thorough make-over, and customers are gradually coming back.
One final push for freedom, and if that means we have to wear these pesky masks for another month, then so be it.
Please do not be put off from coming back into Bury and enjoying the social aspect of being out and about.
And please come back into LECKENBY’S to see us!
19th July is just round the corner, but no need to wait until then.
We’re here to greet you now!