Just to let you know that today, Easter Sunday, is one of only four days a year that we are closed.
Mmmm! Doesn’t quite apply this year does it?!
This horrible virus continues to cause severe disruption to the lives of just about everyone around the world, and of course, everyone at LECKENBY’S TEAROOM continues to wish good health to one and all.
But our four days is turning into dozens, and is extremely frustrating for everybody.
Jean is missing her chats with all our customers, although she’s keeping as busy as she can at home, whilst Melanie is keeping in regular touch with our staff, all of whom, whilst enjoying an enforced break, are ready to return to doing what they do best.
Aside from the illness itself, the most difficult aspect to deal with is the lack of knowledge as to when things can start to revert to normal.
At this point we have no idea, but be assured the minute we are told that we can re-open, then we’ll be there celebrating with the rest of the nation, and maybe, just maybe, we can all begin to appreciate the many facets of life that we have taken for granted for so long.
We’ve never seen nor heard so many birds in the garden. Is this due to the general feeling of peace and quiet out on the roads. Indeed, on the odd occasion it has been necessary to make a car journey, it’s like returning to the 1960’s. One of the few benefits of the close-down!
More updates as and when.
Please continue to take care and we’ll see you soon!