Apologies for the recent disruption caused by various work that has gone on at LECKENBY’S TEAROOM.

We’ve had a bit of an overhaul which has seen the toilet out of action, on and off, for the last few weeks (fortunately the Mill Gate Centre’s toilet opposite have eased any frustration) but now it is back to being available again.

We’ve replaced all the alcove seating downstairs, given the chairs a lick of paint, and brought in an additional larger table to increase the number of seats.

Upstairs, we have completely renovated the three rooms.

The stock room has been painted with a new floor added, as has the Office, whilst the Staff room has been completely stripped, repainted, with a new floor, staff table and chairs, new Washing Machine and New Dryer, along with extra storage.

Added to this is the fact that the stairs and landing was relaid earlier in the year, so overall we’ve given the Tearoom a brighter, fresher look.

So apologies for any inconvenience whilst the work has been ongoing, but it’s now all complete and we can look forward to a brighter 2020.

Happy New Year to you all!