At last…..Monday 19th July FREEDOM DAY!
Well, possibly, maybe, could be….
We have waited a long long time to be able to reclaim a touch of normality, and Monday is the promised day.
Mind you since the promise of no going back, cases have risen steeply, although, thank goodness, hospitalisations and death figures are still relatively low.
So what do we really make of it all?
It looks as though individual decision-making is at the heart of going forward.
Masks or no masks….individual choice, and that’s fair enough.
We, at LECKENBY’S TEAROOM, will do everything possible to aid a return to normal.
Regular customers will be well aware of our hygiene policy, and we will continue to make the Tearoom as safe as we possibly can.
So even if you have the slightest doubt about coming back into the Mill Gate centre, we can assure you that our cleanliness and hospitality will be as good as it always has been.
So let’s welcome as many people back as we can as we take yet another step forward to finally unshackle ourselves from all the restrictions that we have had to follow over recent times.
Let’s be honest, Covid-19 is never going to vanish. Like flu, we must learn to live with it, and fortunately the vaccinations have worked brilliantly.
So, as we take another stride forward, we hope to see you all back in LECKENBY’S!
Freedom Day?
Let’s embrace it!