What have we done to deserve this?

We had planned to have re-opened by now, but the cack-handed decision making from Government has once again prevented us from doing so.

How frustrating is this?!!!

In the three months that we did re-open, we collected Track and Trace from thousands of customers and not a SINGLE ONE has come back. Which means that LECKENBY’s TEAROOM is just about as safe a place to visit as you could find.

Yet still the Government finds itself cowering behind the forecasts made by the likes of doom and doomer. When it finally realises that all the restrictions enforced over the last nine months appear to have had very little effect (are we really much better off now than we were in March?), they will come out of the parliamentary bubble, look around, and wonder why there are thousands of businesses closed, millions of people out of work, and debts by the billion.

Each week whilst we are closed, we are losing money. Whatever Rishi says about supporting businesses really does not match up to the reality.

And what about the damage to people’s mental well-being? Heaven help us all when this virus is finally tackled and maybe eradicated, for the cure will be seen as being much worse than the disease.

There is yet another review in two weeks time. Will we be lowered from Tier 3 to Tier 2? Goodness knows, but we really need to see this happen so that we can finally welcome back our customers who are, no doubt, as frustrated as are we and our staff.

Let us hope that Boris and his blinkered men finally begin to see some sort of sense.

In the meantime, keep well and hopefully we’ll see you all soon.