Am I imagining it, or are certain restaurants/cafes still using Covid-19 as an excuse not to bother?
I ask because we, at Leckenby’s, have been looking forward to re-opening, which we did on Monday, and serving our customers in the way we have always done.
So today, Jean and I have taken a day off and been out looking at our usual places to eat when we are away from Bury.
One we contacted, told us they were not reopening until 1st July! Why?!!!
Another one had us queueing only to find out that when we came to order, there was a choice of a sandwich (wrapped in cling film!), soup, or fish and chips. That’s the whole choice!
We walked out.
Fearing some other places that we visit would instil the same restrictions, we decided to head back home, wondering where we could have a bite to eat where there is some sort of normality.
The only place we could guarantee was a tearoom in Bury called Leckenby’s!
So here we came to choose from our usual full menu.
No restrictions here, and our customers looked after as we have done for years.
Some places just have us shaking our heads in disbelief!