Here we are, or rather, are not!
Now into the third week of this horrible disease and all the disruption that it has caused.
Needless to say, our thoughts are with you all and we trust you are all feeling well, if a little frustrated.
It seems so unusual to be closed. Under normal circumstances, we are closed just FOUR DAYS a year, so this really is strange.
We are keeping in regular touch with our hard-working (well, not so much at the moment…!) staff and keeping them up-to-date with progress, such that it is.
They are all like ourselves, hoping to return to work sooner rather than later.
We were in the middle of updating our menu, but, like everything else, this is on hold as our printers have also closed down.
Hopefully, this will be available within a couple of weeks or so of re-opening.
And re-opening is our main focus.
Having returned to Leckenby’s to pick up some essential paperwork a couple of days ago, to see the usually thriving Mill Gate Centre almost deserted and sectioned off, is quite surreal.
Fingers crossed that we will soon be in a position to aim to reopen the doors (in our case shutter!) and we will certainly keep you all informed as to when that happy day will eventually arrive.
Keep well and keep your chins up!