Melanie made the Bury Times this week when discussing the council’s attiitude to free parking in Bury.

In an article prompted by Bury North MP, James Daly, whi is asking the council to extend it’s free parking scheme in the council car parks, melanie was asked for her opinion.

I quote:

“Melanie Filidoro, manger of leckenby’s Tea Room in the Mill Gate, said “I think it would be a grave error to the town of Bury to reintroduce parking charges, especially immediately after concluding the “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme.

“Bury is already struggling with a severe lack of trade on “non offer” days, this introduction of charges would have a significant detrimental impact on business. One which we could ill afford to suffer.

“We also need the coaches to be returning as soon as possible, the footfall from these visitors generates so much income for the traders in Bury.

“This lack of footfall will be compounded, should these charges be reintroduced”

Well said!

let’s hope for common sense as we all strive to return to something close to normal living that we had all enjoyed pre-March.