The Government has given pubs, restaurants and cafes the green light to re-open from 4th July.
However, the restrictions imposed are so severe that any attempt to re-open for smaller premises would probably prove futile.
We’ve given serious consideration to the impact such guidelines would have on us, and to attempt any sort of trading would have a serious impact on our ability to offer our normal service and maintain our usual atmosphere.
So we have taken the decision to hold back and monitor the situation rather than rush back and lower our standards.
We are all itching to return, and I can assure everyone that the minute we feel we could return to almost normal trading conditions, then we will be back.
Hopefully we are talking just a matter of a few weeks and certainly we would hope to be back to something akin to normal by August.
Please bear with us. It is a difficult decision but we value the health and welfare of staff and customers too much to hurry back before common sense tells us we should do.
When we do return, you will see a few changes which will help compensate for this enforced period of closure, and we all look forward to seeing all the familiar faces again.
Thanks for your patience!
Keep well.