Out and About

It’s always good to meet up with customers out and about.
Such was the case last week, on what was classed as “Non-League Football Day”.
In my other duty as Secretary of Ramsbottom United, it was a pleasure to welcome back to the Harry Williams Riverside Stadium our Bury North MP JAMES DALY along with Tottington councillor LUIS McBRIAR.
Both watched the game against Warrington Rylands, and James is pictured here alongside myself, with the game in progress in the background.
Both James and Luis are very complimentary about both our ground and the standard of football in Ramsbottom, and I am more than happy to persuade any of Leckenby’s customers to come along to watch “The Rams” if they enjoy what I refer to as “proper” football
played by players who genuinely love playing the game, and not in it purely for the obscene cash floating around at the top end of the game.
Please give it a try, you will thoroughly enjoy the experience (unless of course, you are a regular in Leckenby’s on a Saturday afternoon!)