Well here we are at the end of May and still we await news of when we can re-open.
All our staff at LECKENBY’S TEA ROOM are itching to get back, and we are the same.
Problem is, that until “Social Distancing” is removed, it’s almost impossible to open up again.
It would be impractical to segregate certain tables, and it would defy the instruction if we were to work in the kitchen, a requirement that is somewhat essential in a catering establishment!
The entertainment and hospitality sectors appear to be at the end of the list as far as re-opening is concerned, and quite honestly, to work under any sort of restriction would remove any atmosphere, which is an essential part of restaurants, tearooms and sporting arenas.
So we’ll just have to be patient and hope the removal of all restrictions comes along sooner rather than later.
I can assure you, the minute we get the go-ahead, we’ll be back.
In the meantime, please all take care and keep well.