Well what a year that has been!
No-one could have predicted the worst, most destabilising year in this country’s history over the last 100 years (with the exception of WWII of course), but it has now gone, never to be forgotten.
In it’s place arrives a new year which brings fresh hope. Brexit is finally done, vaccinations heve begun, and much is being made of a return from the dark days come Easter. It may seem some time away, but how quickly have those last nine months passed?
When LECKENBY’S LICENSED TEAROOM will be open again is anybody’s guess.
Our hope is that as soon as the vaccinations kick in to release the pressure on the NHS, the government will relent from the strct rules that we have had to adhere to for so long, and allow the population again to mingle and enjoy the hospitality sector, a sector that will have been devastated by the time we re-open our doors.
But re-open we will, whether it be February, March or April.
It has cost us more money than we would have wished, but the staff have been furloughed and are all eager to return, as are Jean, Melanie and myself.
We’ll be back and look forward to seeing you all again.
In the meantime, may we wish you all….