Well there we have it.
As far as the government is concerned , the hospitality industry is responsible for all the ills caused by Coronavirus.
Let’s be honest, Supermarkets have been allowed to open throughout the pandemic, but have they really enforced social distancing. Of course not.
Whilst we are forced to wait until 17th May to reopen with all the right precautions in place, other businesses can do so earlier, like Hairdressers (no social distancing there) and gyms, where sweating is part of the exercise.
For a government willing to be guided by “the facts”, how is it they have blatantly disregarded the “fact” that transmission of the disease is at a remarkably low level within the hospitality industry?
When they kindly allowed us to open for a few weeks, we tracked and traced every customer and had not a single one come back to us. Yet we continue to be punished.
This lockdown has cost Leckenby’s a lot of money. Don’t believe it when the government attempts to tell you they are covering such losses. Rubbish….nowhere near.
Every week closed means more money lost, and here we are with another 13 to go.
This will push us to the brink as it has done with so many other businesses.
We are determined, by hook or by crook, to still be here come 17th May, but we will need the support of all our customers, who, I know, will be looking forward to that day as much as we are.
Alas, when all this is over, many thousands of businesses will have succumbed with millions of employees out of work.
This has to be the last lockdown and I hope the leaders of the hospitality industry are able to collectively make strong representations to the government asking them to open their eyes and see the real world.
We need to reopen, and we need to reopen before 17th May.
Will they listen?
What do you think?!
In the meantime, continue to take care, and we really do look forward to seeing you all again on 17th May, or hopefully before!