At last we can say goodbye to two depressing years in the hope that 2022 finally rids us all of the dire events we have had to tolerate.
Whilst Covid is still with us, and let’s be honest, like flu and the common cold, it’s likely to be with us forever, it does look as though we are finally coming through the other side.
Feared extra restrictions look as though they will not be implemented, so let’s try our best to get back to normal.
We have been affected, albeit in a small way, as a number of our lines on the Menu have been unobtainable, but we are working with our suppliers to rectify the situation, so please bear with us as we look to revert to our usual comprehensive offerings.
As always, no worries at Leckenby’s about hygiene and cleanliness, and the quality of our food and drink remains constantly high.
We wish all our customers the very best for 2022, and we hope to see you all soon!