If you walk past the Tearoom at the moment you may be wondering what has happened.
Have they done a moonlight flit?
Where has everything gone?
Who are those strangers working in there?
All reasonable questions.
Well….we’ve taken this opportunity whilst waiting for things to return to some sort of normality, to give the place a make-over.
The old tiled floor has been ripped out, and the ceiling is being taken down today.
If all goes to plan, a new ceiling will be installed over the weekend, with a new floor being laid at some point next week.
After that, it’s a massive clean-up before the decorator arrives to finish things off with a coat of paint.
At that point, we should all be ready to re-open with a brand new look to welcome everyone back.
We’ll keep you up-to-date once we have completed all the work and finalised what day we will all be back….and raring to go!
Until then, keep well!