AT LAST….after 50 (that’s FIFTY) weeks of being forced to shut down, we are finally back on Monday 17th May.
It’s been a frustrating and worrying time for everyone, but it does look as though the vaccinations are working so well that Covid-19 is finally on it’s way out.
Surely there will not be a further lock-down!
On the basis that life is gradually returning to normal, we are all looking forward to welcoming customers old and new once more.
We’ve used some of the time we’ve been closed to complete our new look.
If you haven’t been in for over a year, then you will find a totally fresh looking Leckenby’s Tearoom.
We’ve completely refurbished the premises from top to bottom, and we think it looks great. Hope you agree!
The whole premises have been scrubbed down to ensure that we are as safe as we possibly can be.
Food and drink, as always, is of the highest quality, and our loyal staff are raring to go again.
So let’s try to put the last twelve months or so behind us, and look forward to being able to do all the things we took for granted before. We’ll certainly appreciate everything a little bit more in future!
Doors open at 9.30….form an orderly queue!