The photo above shows a normal day at LECKENBY’S LICENSED TEAROOM.
Alas, today, a market day, has seen nothing like queues!
I appreciate it is a worrying time, but it will be even more worrying if, when this outbreak is finally cornered, we all return to find shop after shop closed for good.
We, at Leckenby’s, are determined to ride the storm, but need to tighten our belts to ensure we can meet the challenging demands.
So, we have, with a certain amount of reluctance, had to concede that to help us through, we will have to reduce our costs, which mainly, of course, means the wage bill.
As a result, and with the appreciated consent of our wonderful staff, from tomorrow, our new hours (until we can get back to normal) will be:
MONDAY 11am – 3pm
TUESDAY 11am – 3pm
WEDNESDAY 10.30am – 3.30pm
THURSDAY 11am – 3pm
FRIDAY 10.30am – 3.30pm
SUNDAY 11am – 3pm.
Fortunately, these changes should not affect too many customers, and I hope everyone will be understanding.
Hopefully, we’ll return to our normal hours sooner than expected.
Thank you for your continued support!